How often should I water my grass?

It is best to water your grass less the cooler it gets outside. For example: 
-60 degrees or lower- when needed or up to one time per week.
-Between 70-80 degrees- up to two times a week
-90 degrees or higher- up to 3 times a week or when grass is noticeably dry.

How to tell if my grass needs water?
Blades begin to fold.
- Wilting.
- Color changes to a blue grey.
- When the grass doesn’t bounce back when walked on. (If footsteps don’t disappear after walking on in). 

When is the best time of day to water my grass? 
-Before 10am or after 4pm. 
-Water is less likely to evaporate and will saturate the lawn if watered at these times.     

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