May I address the City Commission at a meeting? How do I place an item on a Commission agenda?

All are welcome to attend City Commission Meetings. Meeting agendas denote the matters scheduled for consideration and discussion. Should you wish to speak regarding any agenda item or should you wish to speak concerning any matter not on the agenda please complete a "Request to Speak" form and submit it to the City Clerk. Matters not denoted on the agenda will be heard during "Public comment regarding items not on the agenda". A three minute time limit may be imposed for speakers (except in a quasi-judicial hearing). The Mayor will determine the order of the speakers and may impose more restrictive time limits. Once a speaker is recognized by the Mayor, she/he will approach the podium located at the front of Chambers and state his/her name and address for the record before expressing comments. Fernandina Beach citizens will speak before nonresidents and speakers shall limit their remarks to the specific subject matter. One person will speak at a time and address comments to the Mayor, not individual City Commissioners. The City Commission may ask questions of speakers who will have one minute to respond. Additional time may be granted at the discretion of the Mayor or by a motion by the City Commission. Speakers may file copies of their remarks with the City Clerk who will make them available to the Commission. Please Note: In accordance with Florida Statute, an item not scheduled on the agenda may be brought forward by the general public for discussion; however, the City Commission may not take any action at this meeting. If appropriate the item will be referred to staff or placed on a future agenda. Should you wish to have and item scheduled on a future agenda, please contact the City Manager's Office at (904) 310-3103.

Office of the City Manager

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