Vehicles for Hire

Vehicles for Hire are required to obtain a permit and decal in order to operate within the City limits. Click here for application materials.

Vehicles for Hire are defined as any motor-driven vehicle for transportation of passengers for a fare, fee or other charge which operates in the corporate limits of the city, including but not necessarily limited to:
  1. Digital Dispatch Service Vehicles means an internet-based software application, website, platform, or interface that allows for the solicitation, arrangement, or provision of vehicle for hire services and the display of rates, calculation of fares, or acceptance of payment for vehicle for hire services;
  2. Pre-arranged Transportation Vehicles means the transportation of passenger(s), whereby the operator of the vehicle knows the name(s) of the passenger(s) being picked up and/or the destination to which the passenger(s) are being transported; and this knowledge is secured prior to the passenger(s) making contact with the driver of the vehicle;
  3. Taxicabs or Taxi means a chauffeur-driven, metered, passenger vehicle engaged in transportation of persons not on regular schedules with the routes traveled or the destination determined by the passengers, and whose fare is based on the use of the vehicle without regard to the number of passengers carried;
  4. Vehicle For Hire Business means an entity operating or providing one or more vehicles for hire through a digital dispatch system or by any other means, regardless of whether such business has employees or delivers its services through independent contractors, including a transportation network company;
  5. Vehicle For Hire Driver means a person who carries on the vocation of driving a vehicle for hire.