City of Fernandina Beach Mission Statement

We are dedicated to exceptional service to the community to enhance the quality of life, and provide for the well-being of our citizens, guests, and environment while preserving our history. 

We will achieve this mission through recruiting and retaining quality employees, teamwork, community involvement, civic duty, fiscal stability, caring, integrity, fairness, responsible planning and a commitment to excellence. 


The mission statement of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is to provide a safe, attractive, and well-maintained airport facility; to support the economic development of the community; to be responsive to the business and recreational needs of residents, neighbors, visitors, and users; to operate in an efficient, self-sustaining, and prudent manner; and to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

Animal Services

The Building Department is dedicated to providing a full range of public safety services related to building including building permit review, building inspections, Community Rating System program, and floodplain management.

The Department achieves its commitment to professional, efficient, and responsive public service through emphasis on citizen safety, quality employees and adherence to responsible building principles. Adhering to Department practices, City Code, the Florida Building Code, and utilizing current technologies provides a safe environment for the citizens of Fernandina Beach.  

City Attorney

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to assist the City in achieving its goals by providing professional legal services and legal counsel to the City Commission, City Manager, to all City Department Directors, and various City Boards; and ensure that the official actions of the City, its elected officials and employees comply with the law.

City Clerk

The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is to facilitate the City Commission’s Official Meetings and Board Appointments; to manage and preserve the official records of the City; to assist the public in accessing public documents; and to provide these services in a manner that is professional, efficient, fair and courteous while being ever mindful of our position of neutrality and impartiality in all local government matters.

City Manager

The mission of the City Manager's Office is to support the policies and goals established by the City Commission; to present objective information to the City Commission and the community upon which to develop policies and goals; to provide the leadership, direction, and support to City staff to further support the City Commission; to instill unimpeachable professionalism and integrity within the City Commission and City staff and throughout the community; and to represent the community with honor, dignity, and enthusiasm.


The mission of the Finance Department is to serve the citizens of Fernandina Beach by promoting effective and efficient fiscal management and to provide timely, responsive, and comprehensive financial/support services to citizens, employees, the commission, and all of our customers. To this end, we commit to be proactive, to improve communications, and to encourage a spirit of cooperation and innovation. We value and will continue to foster the honesty and dependability of our employees and shall demonstrate integrity in the issuance and management of information.


The Fernandina Beach Fire Department is committed to providing the highest quality public safety and compassionate care for our community, and its visitors through a proficient response to all hazards. The Mission will be accomplished by maintaining a well-equipped, highly-trained and motivated force of professional firefighters and rescue personnel while promoting fiscally sound management, fire prevention and public safety education programs.
“Proudly Protecting the Isle of Eight Flags for Over a Century”

Golf Course

It is our mission at Fernandina Beach Golf Club to provide a well-groomed and inviting facility that the residents of Fernandina Beach can enjoy and take pride in. To provide quality service, a fun and family atmosphere along with a Country Club feel at Municipal Course prices to all who live or visit our city. We will empower our employees to enhance the experience of every guest to obtain the financial goals of the City of Fernandina Beach.

Human Resources

It is our mission to support the total operation of the City of Fernandina Beach in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource – its PEOPLE. To this end, we will recruit, develop, motivate, and retain highly competent employees, while ensuring a safe and enriching work environment where employees are encouraged to be creative and innovative in achieving the goals of the organization. In all of our operations, we will provide quality service with integrity, responsiveness, and sensitivity.

Information Technology

Our mission as the Information Technology Department is to provide responsive and professional technology support and direction which enables efficiency and productivity.


Fernandina Harbor Marina, as a self-sustaining business of the Marina Department for the City of Fernandina Beach, is dedicated to exceptional first class service to the community and our customers at a reasonable cost. As ambassadors for the City, we believe in offering a Sunshine State welcome to all boaters, by providing personalized service from a competent and pleasant staff. As the gateway to Florida and its many waterways, we are committed to enhancing our environment through education of our guests, best management practices for our employees and by maintaining our Clean Marina status. Our mission will be achieved through quality employees, teamwork, caring, integrity, initiative and a commitment to excellence.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Department is committed to enriching the lives of our residents and visitors by providing a variety of fun and educational programs, and recreational facilities for all ages and abilities, while preserving our community's natural environment for our citizens to enjoy and respect.


The Department of Planning and Conservation (PC) strives to promote a livable, sustainable, beautiful, and prosperous Fernandina Beach by implementing the City's long-range vision for the community through adopted plans, policies, codes, best practices, and partnerships. The PC team serves to increase community livability and quality of life through managed growth as consistent with the Comprehensive Plan while facilitating development that balances urban design with the protection of natural, historic, and cultural resources.

The PC Department achieves its mission through outreach to promote an understanding of land use planning issues and ensure development standards are realized. Continual improvement in local regulations by ongoing monitoring of land use trends using current technologies enables the team to meet preferred urban form outcomes. Maintaining strong intergovernmental relationships and community partners provides the team with opportunities to collaborate, share resources, and to gain a regional perspective of local actions. 


To serve the public in partnership with our community, to protect life and property, to reduce crime through both proactive intervention and competent response, to resolve conflict through creative problem solving strategies, and to respect human dignity at all times. “Sworn to Protect, Dedicated to Serve”

Public Works (Operations and Utilities) encompasses the following departments: Fleet Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Stormwater, Water, Waste Water, Sanitation and Yard Waste. 

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Department provides residential and commercial billing for water, sewer, sanitation, airport hangars and storage units, and other City property leases. We strive to render accurate billing on a timely basis to all of our customers and to provide excellent customer service in a professional and courteous manner.