Lifeguard Certification

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and Certification

The City of Fernandina Beach typically is offering an American Red Cross Lifeguarding course March 23 - March 26.  Successful completion of this entry-level pool lifeguard training includes Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications.

Certifications are valid for 2 years from the completion dates of the courses.  These are pre-requisite certifications, required to apply for most pool lifeguarding positions.  Participation and certification in no way imply that you will be hired as a lifeguard, only that you may apply for posted positions.

You may contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 904-310-3350 to register for the upcoming course. 

Lifeguard Certification Course - general information

Ages 15 and up.

Each student must attend every session of the course.  No make-ups without prior instructor approval.  Due to the intense scheduling of the course, make-up sessions will not be possible, as each session depends on the knowledge and skills learned from the previous session(s). Certification is contingent upon successful completion of all skills, academic sessions, and written tests.

course pre-test must be passed in order to attend the educational sessions. Pre-test skills:
  1. Distance swimming:  Complete 300 yards continuously.
  2. Successfully perform the front crawl and breaststroke (required strokes for the full course). 
  3. Demonstrate breath control and rhythmic breathing.
  4.  Tread water for 2 minutes with no hands.
  5. Travel through the water, surface dive to the bottom with open eyes, retrieve and carry a 10-pound object with both hands, travel on the back to the point of origin, and exit.
Course fee (non-refundable if pre-test is not passed or all educational sessions not completed): $160 City residents, $200 Non-City (excludes $30.00 non-City participant fee)
Course fee includes certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED and First Aid, as well as a pocket mask and hip pack.

For more information, contact Kaitlyn Rivera, Aquatics Manager:  904-310-3362;