Evaluation and Appraisal Review (EAR)

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The City's local planning process is not static. It is continuous, evolving, and ongoing. As such, the Comprehensive Plan is audited from time to time. Pursuant to Chapter 163.3191, F.S., the City completed and adopted an Evaluation and Appraisal Review (EAR) Report in December 2009.

The proposed EAR-based amendments to the Comprehensive Plan document various improvements and possibilities for the City. Some of these efforts are ongoing in existing programs, while others will require new efforts and actions to make them a reality. When viewed in their entirety, these amendments provide direction for action and establish a shared vision for the City's future growth and development activities.

2009 Adopted EAR Report

Cover and Table of Contents
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Community Assessment
Part 3 - Major Issue Analysis
Part 4 - Plan Objective and Policy Review
Part 5 - Special Topics
Part 6 - Additional Recommendations

EAR Based Comprehensive Plan Amendments Schedule & Materials
Board Activity Date Agendas Materials Minutes
PAB Joint HDC & PAB Workshop 5/4/2011 Agenda
PAB Special Meeting 5/31/2011 Agenda
PAB Regular Meeting 6/8/2011 Agenda Presentation Minutes
PAB Special Meeting 6/15/2011 Agenda Presentation Minutes
PAB Special Meeting 6/22/2011 Agenda Presentation Minutes
PAB Regular Meeting 7/14/2011 Agenda Presentation Minutes
CC Work Session 7/19/2011 Agenda Presentation Minutes
CC 1st Reading
Ordinance 2011-18
9/6/2011 Agenda Presentation Partial Minutes
Planning Transmittal to State 9/21/2011 Transmittal Letter Completeness Letter
Planning Agency Review Period
30 days
Comment Letters as of 10/7/2011

Planning State Land Planning Agency Review Period
30 days
ORC Report
CC 2nd Reading Ordinance 12/6/2011 Agenda Presentation Draft Minutes

On November 29, 2011 the City received the State’s Objections, Recommendations, and Comment (ORC) report. The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) report was extremely favorable offering only two (2) minor objections and praised the City for proposing amendments which were “thoughtfully approached, and exemplify sound planning principles and strategies appropriate for an environmentally sensitive urban coastal community.” In addition to receiving kind remarks from the State Land Planning Agency, the City’s Planning Department and its PAB are being recognized at the regional level. The City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan will be presented with a 2011 Regional Leadership Award for Excellence in Planning and Growth Management from the Northeast Florida Regional Council.
View City Press Release issued 11/30/2011

Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendments & Associated Documents

***FINAL DRAFTS as of December 1, 2011.***
The Planning Department, City Clerk's Office and this website will host the most recent draft copies. All red underlined text indicates new language added while all strikethru text represents a deletion to existing text.
Executive Summary
Plan Introduction

Goal 1: Future Land Use Element
Goal 2: Multi-Modal Transportation Element
Goal 3: Housing Element
Goal 4: Public Facilities Element
Goal 5: Conservation and Coastal Management Element
Goal 6: Recreation and Open Space Element
Goal 7: Intergovernmental Coordination Element
Goal 8: Capital Improvements Element
Goal 9: Port Element (No Changes)

Goal 10: Public School Facilities Element (No Changes)

Goal 11: Historic Preservation Element

Future Land Use Map Series (Large File: may take longer to download)
Summary of Changes Chart
Public Involvement + Participation Materials (Large File: may take longer to download)

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