Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Division of the Fernandina Beach Fire Department oversees the medical training of all personnel of the department. Additionally, the division is responsible for the development, delivery and/or procurement of training towards the recertification of EMT’s and Paramedics of the department. The department is comprised of 28 firefighting personnel which are certified as either EMTs or Paramedics. The division oversees the delivery of all facets of pre-hospital care for the department in cooperation with the Medical Director. The Division oversees the Quality Assurance program for both basic and advanced life support personnel under the direction of the Medical Director. The Division makes policy and procedure recommendations to the Fire Chief.

The Deputy Fire Chief is a State Certified Paramedic and responds to Fire and EMS related calls throughout the City as warranted by the magnitude or severity of the call. The Deputy Fire Chief plays a key role in Incident Management on the scene of emergencies as part of the Incident Command System.

The Deputy Fire Chief serves as the Liaison Officer with the hospitals, physicians, medical director and the community at large pertaining to all aspects of the pre hospital delivery of emergency medical services.

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