Waterfronts Florida Partnership Committee

Mission Statement

: “To organize and manage the revitalization of the Fernandina Beach waterfront through a comprehensive revitalization strategy, which shall focus on environmental and resource protection, hazard mitigation, public access to the waterfront, and maintaining the traditional waterfront economy”.

In 2005, Fernandina Beach became a Designated Waterfronts Florida Community, part of the state Waterfronts Florida Partnership Program administered through the Department of Community Affairs. This program was created to address the physical and economic decline of traditional working waterfront areas by providing communities with technical assistance
in working towards waterfront revitalization.

The Fernandina Beach Waterfronts Partnership Committee is a cooperative effort between the City of Fernandina Beach, private citizens, private business, industry, and the CRA to revitalize the Fernandina Beach waterfront area.

The Waterfronts Partnership Committee is not currently active, and has not met since 2010.

Additional Resources:

Community Redevelopment Area Plan (2004)
Waterfronts Vision Plan (2006)
Final Grant Report (2007)
CRA Design Guidelines (2008)
Waterfront Park Master Plan (February 2009)

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