Planning Advisory Board

The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) is authorized by the City Commission as the Local Planning Agency (LPA) pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 163.3174. This board makes recommendations to the City Commission on the adoption of Comprehensive Plan amendments and Future Land Use Map amendments and requests for rezoning, filed pursuant to Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code and City Ordinances.

The PAB is authorized to issue policy recommendations and guidance affecting development in the City, including amendments to the Land Development Code (LDC). It oversees the creation of subdivisions and proposals for Planned Unit Developments and makes recommendations on redevelopment following disaster situations. Further, the board makes recommendations on necessary special studies for long-range planning and other proposals which work to promote orderly development.

The PAB consists of seven members – seven (7) voting members  and one (1) nonvoting member. Each voting member is appointed by the City Commission; the nonvoting member is appointed by the School Board of Nassau County.

Planning Advisory Board Members

The PAB’s roles and responsibilities are defined within the Land Development Code (LDC) Section 9.02.03 (Chapter 9). 

Meeting Dates & Times:

2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM in City Hall Chambers

Click Here for Planning Advisory Board agendas.  

If you would like more information, please contact the staff coordinator.
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