Residential Security Checks

As an active component of our commitment to Crime Watch, the Fernandina Beach Police Department provides Residential Security Checks for citizens who are away on vacation, business, or family emergency. Residential Security Checks are performed at least twice daily and involve our Patrol Officer walking around and inspecting the premises. For security purposes, the actual address will not be placed on the air via the Police radio system; but rather, each home is assigned a number which is maintained by the Communications Division.

In order to have your home included in our Residential Security Check Program while you are away, please provide us with the information we require by printing our Residential Security Check Form. After completing the form, you may drop it off at the Police Station or mail it to us at the Fernandina Beach Police Department, 1525 Lime Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida, 32034.

It is

very important

that the accurate information is recorded on the form and that the Police Department is notified as soon as you return, especially if returning early, to prevent any startling or unpleasant encounter between a citizen and a Police Officer that is covertly checking the property.