City Ordinances

City Ordinance Enforcement

The Fernandina Beach Police Department enforces state and federal laws, as well as local City Ordinances. The enforcement of these ordinances can take the following forms: verbal warning, written warning, issuance of a citation; towing of vehicles; confiscation of items; or any other appropriate action to bring compliance. Some of the common City Ordinances may be viewed at:

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Chapter 10.

Alcoholic Beverages

Sec. 10-4. Possession of opened container in vehicle.
Sec. 10-5. Consumption in public places; open containers.

Chapter 18.

Animals; Article I, General Provisions

Chapter 26.

Businesses; Article IV, Peddlers

Chapter 42.


Article III, Litter
Article VII, Graffiti on Public and Private Property
Article V, Noise

Chapter 58.


Sec. 58-7. Swimming or bathing in nude condition
Sec. 58-9. Use of recreational vehicles, etc. as living quarters; exceptions

Chapter 70.

Streets, Sidewalks, and other public places; Article I, General
Sec. 70-2. Obstructions.

Division 3.

Special Events, Facility Use Agreements, Parade Permits and Banners

Sec. 70-86 Authority for Issuances of Permit
Sec. 70-87 Special Events Prohibited Without Permit
Sec. 70-88 Definitions and Event Categories
Sec. 70-89 City Property Covered by Article
Sec. 70-90 Permit Required: Compliance
Sec. 70-91 Requirements for Permittees
Sec. 70-92 Facility Use Permit Only Required at Certain Locations
Sec. 70-93 Application Procedure for Private Events
Sec. 70-94 Application Procedure for Non-Profit, Civic and Community Events
Sec. 70-95 Application Procedure for Commercial Events
Sec. 70-96 Penalty for Late Submission of Application
Sec. 70-97 Exemption
Sec. 70-98 City Co-Sponsored Events
Sec. 70-99 Standards for Issuance
Sec. 70-100 Permit Approval Process
Sec. 70-101 Cancellation and Notice
Sec. 70-102 Default
Sec. 70-103 Appeal Process
Sec. 70-104 Violations and Remedies
Sec. 70-105 Control of Property; Right of Entry; Subletting Space
Sec. 70-106 Protection of Minors
Sec. 70-107 Governing Law
Sec. 70-108 Vertical and Horizontal Banners
Sec. 70-109 Street Closures
Sec. 70-110 Concessions and Vending
Sec. 70-111 Alcohol Consumption
Sec. 70-112 Refundable Cash Bond
Sec. 70-113 Insurance
Sec. 70-114 Fees

Chapter 78.

Traffic and Vehicles

Sec. 78-43. Skateboards, coasters, rollerskates, and the like.
Sec. 78-45. Unauthorized temporary use of a motor vehicle
Sec. 78-82. Washing, display or sale of parked vehicle; sales or advertising from parked vehicle.

Chapter 90.

Waterways; Article II , Beaches

Sec. 90-41. Littering prohibited.
Sec. 90-42. Glass containers prohibited.
Sec. 90-43. Camping.
Sec. 90-44. Regulations for horses on beach.
Sec. 90-45. Dog control.
Sec. 90-46. Fishing lines.
Sec. 90-47. Parking on or near beaches.
Sec. 90-48. Traffic regulations; speed limit.

Chapter 126.


Sec. 126-426. Parking of certain vehicles prohibited. (i.e. Commercial Trucks)