Due to damages caused by Hurricane Matthew and the pending repairs, Fernandina Harbor Marina will close Friday, November 23, 2018.  This will include the dinghy, short term, transient docks, mooring field and boat ramp. The marina is scheduled to reopen Summer 2019.  

Our transient docks are closed for repairs and construction.  Please call 904-310-3304 for more information.
Our mooring field is closed due to repairs taking place at the marina.  Please call  904-310-3304 for more information.
Our dinghy dock and shower facilities are closed to transient and short term dockage customers due to repairs taking place at the marina.

Merchandise/Docking Agreement/Events

The City Manager or his designee shall be authorized, and is responsible for the establishment of operational procedures for marina services, merchandise, and berthing agreements that are not otherwise provided herein, including the following:
  1. Fuel prices and quantity discounts;
  2. Concession and mooring pricing;
  3. Dockage and mooring agreements and seasonal discount pricing;
  4. Special events, holidays, high demand daily and weekly dockage/mooring pricing.
  5. Special commercial activity, not defined in the standard fees;
  6. Merchandise pricing and incentive discount pricing;
  7. Live-aboard surcharge;
  8. All other items not specifically addressed herein, necessary for the effective and profitable operation of market-based business.

Section 1

. Vessels will be assessed, and shall pay, the approved fees and rates as described herein, unless otherwise exempted by the City Commission with a franchise agreement.

Section 2

. All dockage and mooring rates and fees shall increase annually, based upon the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Southern Region. All other fees, (including, but not limited to electricity) shall be increased based upon current market and economic conditions.

Section 3

. A maximum of thirty percent (30%) (based upon vessel length overall) of premium dockage space is available at the monthly rate on a first-come, first-serve basis.We now have 12 mooring balls available for same day reservations. Feel free to call the 904-310-3304 number and we will gladly take your same day of arrival reservation. The mooring field charge of $20.00 per night includes dinghy dock, laundry, bathroom and shower access.