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Administrative Reviews: Minor Subdivision/ Lot Line Adjustment

  1. Administrative Reviews: Minor Subdivision/ Lot Line Adjustment
    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for staff-level reviews of minor subdivisions of property (lot line adjustments).
  2. Fees
    Once application is submitted it will be reviewed for completeness. Once verified complete, an invoice will be emailed to the applicant.
  4. Pre-Application Meeting
    To guide you through the process and to ensure that your application is understood and properly processed, you’ll need to meet with a City Planner prior to submitting your application. After staff determines the application is complete and a staff report is issued, the property is posted with a notice for 10 days. If no appeals are filed during that time, the application is approved.
  5. Application Requirements
  6. Please see the Land Development Code (LDC) for detailed information:
    As recorded with the Nassau County Property Appraiser
    If an agent will be representing the owner, an Owner’s Authorization For Agent Representation form must be included
  10. School Concurrency
    New residential development is required to demonstrate compliance with school concurrency as regulated in the City of Fernandina Beach through the City of Fernandina Beach’s Comprehensive Plan Intergovernmental Coordination Element and the Interlocal Agreement Amendment for Public School Facility Planning adopted by the City on May 21, 2019. No new residential rezoning, preliminary plat, site plan or functional equivalent may be approved by the City unless the residential development is exempt from requirements outlined in Section 9.13 of the Amended Interlocal Agreement OR a School Concurrency Reservation Letter has been issued by the School Board indicating that adequate school facilities exist.
  11. Application Process for School Concurrency:
    1. Submittal of Development Application, including this School Impact Analysis (SIA) Form. 2. The City of Fernandina Beach Staff transmits the SIA to Nassau County School Board. 3. The Nassau County School Board reviews the SIA Form per requirements in the Interlocal Agreement and makes a determination of capacity. 4. If sufficient capacity is available, the School Board will issue a School Concurrency Reservation Letter. This letter indicates only that school facilities are currently available, and capacity is not reserved until Nassau County issues a Certificate of Concurrency. 5. Upon receipt of a School Concurrency Reservation Letter, The City of Fernandina Beach Planning Staff will issue a Certificate of Concurrency for the development. Certificates are valid for a two (2) year period. Approved construction plans or building permits extend the life of the certificate concurrent with the expiration of the applicable plan or permit. 6. If sufficient capacity is not available, the School Board will issue a Concurrency Deficiency Letter, at which time the applicant will be offered the opportunity to enter into a negotiation period to allow time for the mitigation process as outlined in the Interlocal Agreement. As the end of the negotiation period, the School Board will issue a School Concurrency Reservation Letter where mitigation has been mutually agreed upon; or if mitigation has not been agreed upon, a School Concurrency Deficiency Letter. If a Reservation Letter is drafted, The City of Fernandina Beach will issue a subsequent Certificate of Concurrency.
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