What format should videos be in?
Acceptable stream types:

MPEG-1 System Stream or MPEG-2 Program Stream (consisting of a single elementary video stream with an optional single elementary audio stream)
NOTE: Transport stream is not possible.
Elementary video stream
Three video resolutions (pixels) are allowed. Other resolutions are not supported.
352 x 240 (Horizontal x Vertical)
352 x 480
720 x 480
Picture rate must be 29.97 pictures per second.
A maximum bit rate of 10 Mb/s is allowed. Higher rates are not supported.
National TV Standards Committee (NTSC) with "4:3" aspect ratio required.
4:2:0 sampling format required. (Main profile at Main or Low level, 10 Mb/s max)
IBBP group of pictures (GOP) structure recommended for best quality (30 frame maximum GOP size).
Encode header information in stream every few seconds to aid in error recovery.

Audio, if present, must be encoded into the MPEG file using Audio layer II.
Audio may be encoded at a 32, 44.1, or 48KHz sampling frequency.
LEIGHTRONIX recommends an audio sampling rate of 44.1
KHz for optimal performance.
Audio bitrate 192, 224, 256, 384
MPEG filenames may contain up to 27 characters (no spaces) in addition to the required ".mpg" extension.

Click the below link to download the "Total Import Basic Installer" from our document center. The file can be found in the PEG Documents folder . This is a DVD to .mpg converter. After you download the file change the ".123" to ".exe" and run the application.
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