Building Official Bulletins

Posted on: February 6, 2020

New Submittal Requirements

This information will be to ensure compliance with local ordinances Land Development Code in effect. These requirements are to be effective immediately since these are all already part of the local requirements.

February 4, 2020

Bulletin B-01-2020

To:            All Contractors

From:        Stephen Beckman, CBO, CFM

Subject:    New submittal requirements

For all new buildings, both residential and commercial (including additions), The City of Fernandina Beach will require the following items at permit application:

1. A construction site management plan as per City ordinance 2019-27.

2. An original signed and sealed survey with topographic detail. (The topographic information [elevations] will be used in Planning review to determine allowable building heights).

3. A storm water management/drainage plan with calculations (The Strom water Guidance details will follow in a separate bulletin).

* At completion of project, a final survey complete with topographic detail will need to be submitted in order to do a final site drainage inspection.

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