Public Involvement

Community participation and input is at the heart of this Airport Master Plan project and will be an integral part of the planning process.

Beginning in November 2014 and continuing throughout the 52-week Master Plan Project, the public will be invited to 5 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings. These meetings will cover topics such as:
- goals & objectives
- forecast and facility requirements
- evaluation & development alternatives
- economic development assessment
- business planning
- review of Master Plan and Business Plan final drafts
Wordcloud Tenants.png
Prior to the planning study, airport tenants used these words to describe the airport.
Meeting schedules are published through various public communications channels, including the City of Fernandina Beach calendar, news publications, email and social media.

Throughout the Airport Master Plan project, the team will accept and respond to public comments using a series of comment response forums, including a blog.

Additional information can be found via surveys and reports available in the project website library.