Land Development Code

What is it?

The City’s Land Development Code (LDC) is enacted pursuant to the requirements and authority of Section 163.3202, Fla. Stat. et seq. (the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act) and the general powers established in Chapters 186-191, Florida Statutes (Municipal Planning and Development) and the Constitution of the State of Florida. All real property within the City is subject to a variety of regulations. The Department of Planning and Conservation is tasked with administering them through the local permitting process. The public is advised to consult the LDC for specific guidance or speak with a member of the Planning Staff for elaboration/interpretation of its standards and requirements.

The purpose of the LDC is to implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan by establishing regulations, procedures and standards for review and approval of all development and use of land within the municipal boundaries. Further, this LDC is adopted in order to foster and preserve public health, safety, comfort, and welfare in the City.

It is the intent of this Code that the development processes in Fernandina Beach be:

  • efficient, in terms of time and expense,
  • effective, in terms of addressing its natural, historical, and cultural resources and public facility implications of proposed development, and
  • equitable, in terms of providing consistency with established regulations and procedures, respect for the rights of property owners, and consideration of the interests of the citizens in the City of Fernandina Beach.

The Land Development Code** (LDC) consolidates the City's land use regulations into one document. It includes:

LDC Cover with Amending Ordinance References

LDC Full Document

The City has established specific zoning districts for each parcel of land within the City, is also adopted as a part of the Land Development Code. For additional mapping information please visit the Nassau County Property Appraiser's website and launch the Interactive Mapping Tool available under the Map Search function. From there you can search a specific property by address, parcel ID number, or owner name then, zoom in and select the map layer titled "City of F.B. Zoning." This information relies on the Nassau County Property Appraiser Office property data along with the City's data.

 **PLEASE NOTE - The Chapters contained herein represent the latest LDC reprint as of July 2022. The Land Development Code is subject to amendment from time to time by action of the City Commission. There may be a time delay between the approval of an amendment and its publication on this web page. Users of this site are encouraged to confirm LDC information with City planning staff.

Standards adopted by reference