Home Invasion Robbery Cases

The following cases illustrate some of the tactics employed by home invaders to enter residences and subdue victims.
  • A 59-year-old man opened his front door to two armed offenders wearing masks. The offenders forced their way through the front door and demanded cash at gunpoint. They pistol-whipped the victim and bound him with tape before leaving.
  • Four armed suspects entered a party through an unlocked door. The offenders forced the victims to lie on the floor while they gathered cash and jewelry. During the robbery, the offenders pistol whipped one of the victims and fired several rounds.
  • Two young men knocked on a woman's door to say that they had struck her parked car accidentally. When she opened the door, the youths produced handguns and rushed inside. Before leaving with cash and jewelry, they handcuffed her wrists and ankles, covered her head with a pillowcase, poured cooking oil over her, and threatened to set her on fire.
  • An elderly couple opened their front door to find a man claiming to represent the local gas company. Not believing the man's story, the couple asked him to leave. However, two additional offenders appeared at the door and easily forced their way inside. They made the victims lie on the floor in separate rooms. The husband was then forced to reveal the location of cash, jewelry, and other valuables, while being told that his wife would be killed if he did not cooperate.
  • A man carrying flowers convinced a woman to open her front door. Once inside, the "delivery man" produced a handgun and threw the victim to the floor. The offender then found her husband in the bedroom and handcuffed them both. He left them handcuffed in the bathroom after taking cash and jewelry.
  • Two suspects knocked on a victim's door, produced a firearm, and demanded money or drugs. They forced the victim to the floor while claiming to be police officers. They fled after ransacking the house.