The City of Fernandina Beach skateboard ordinance was recently changed by the City Commission, primarily to create a helmet requirement for skateboard operators under the age of sixteen and also to specifically prohibit skateboards on public property and where otherwise designated by signs, such as along Centre Street. This ordinance also addresses roller-blades and bicycles, all of which are thought to be inappropriate in some locations of the City, either because of the road grade or potential for heavy pedestrian traffic.

Fernandina Beach police officers were instructed to observe some discretion concerning enforcement and to provide for a minimum period of six months wherein only warnings were issued. The warning period ended in July, 2007.

In order to gain voluntary compliance, our officers have been talking with children and parents at the new Skate Park at Main Beach and our School Resource Officers have been tasked with providing an informal / educational component for this ordinance by discussing the new requirements with school children.

Although there is no monetary fine associated with a violation of this ordinance, confiscation of the skateboard is a very real possibility.
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